How to create an Anoncoin configuration file

How to create an Anoncoin configuration file

The Anoncoin client can be customized by setting several low-level parameters in the configuration file anoncoin.conf. This file does not exist by default, and must be manually created by the user. If you have never used the Anoncoin software before, please start it once and then exit in order to create the required data directories. If the data directories already exist, please ensure that the Anoncoin software is not running.

Create an ascii text file named anoncoin.conf, copy the contents from the sample configuration files below into this file, and then save file into the Anoncoin data folder. The location of the data folder depends upon your platform. After restarting the client, the changes should take effect.

For Windows users

Open explorer, and type into the address bar:


For OSX users

Open the Finder by pressing [shift] + [cmd] + [g] and then enter:


For Linux users

The directory is hidden in your User folder. Go to:


Sample configuration files

Updated files here coming soon.

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