How to generate an Anoncoin vanity address

Public anoncoin addresses start with the letter “A” and are followed by what appears to be a random sequence of numbers and letters 26-33 characters long. If desired, a vanity address that is more personal and recognizable could be generated that contains an initial set sequence of characters.

Vanity addresses are generated by the following procedure: A random private key is generated, and the corresponding public address is calculated. By doing this process many times, by chance, some of the public addresses will contain the sequence of characters that you are looking for. Note that not all sequences of characters correspond to valid addresses. Also, the longer the string of characters is that you are looking for, the longer you will have to wait to find it.

To generate an Anoncoin vanity address whose first N characters (the prefix) corresponds to a given string, download the source code for vanitygen and the needed libraries.

sudo apt-get install libssl-dev libpcre3-dev
git clone
cd vanitygen

After compiling, run the code with the option -X23 followed by the prefix you are searching for. This string must start with the letter A. As an example, to generate an address that starts with Acoin, use the command

./vanitygen -X23 Acoin

This should take only a few seconds. Longer strings will take considerably longer. Sometimes the address will be not valid and the prefix will have to be changed.

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